About Me


photo by  eli farinango

photo by eli farinango

I love creating, whether it be theatre, djembe drumming, poetry, spoken-word, a homemade hair product, radio, or a notebook. However, my current focus is on performance and theatre workshop facilitation. Exploring immersive performance, installation art, and themes around identity, connection, home, shame, grief, and transformation.

My passion for mental health also brings another layer in the theatre workshops I facilitate to heal collectively and raise awareness on certain issues such as racism, intergenerational trauma, self-esteem, to name a few. My workshops are open to everyone while I prioritize people of colour identifying as women, girls, gender non-binary.

Based in Montreal, I am currently facilitating theatre workshops for i woc up like dis: self-discovery, a workshop series for womxn of color using theatre, and photography for self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Public performance and exhibit scheduled for May 11-12 2019, check news for more information.

For a theatre/mental health workshop booking, performance, collaboration, writing, or commission, contact me at