archive of an instagram video series curated around the theme of healing, a personal journey and mental health insight.

who am i

what is healing

reframing negative thoughts

redefining our experiences

celebrating ourselves

strong black woman archetype - bhm

self-love as resistance


melanin & mental health

choosing ourselves

forgiveness of self

when to push vs being gentle with ourselves

share your voice

the poem I mention from nayyirah waheed is :

some people

when they hear

your story.



upon hearing

your story.



this is how



grieving cycles

absorbing and trauma

being present

taking up space

intuition over everything

tips for self-discovery

being flexible with myself

releasing / letting go to cleanse & grow

what selves are covered by self-care?

community healing vs personal healing

the 4 elements and healing

giving vs the desire to be loved

breaking the cycle

receiving & community

this #healingwednesday i'm just talking about receiving and how as humans those community dynamics are just so necessary. there's so much more to say on this topic. i was all over the place but oh well convo started with myself. how do you receive? do take it in? do you resist? how do you create community within yourself and with others?